Thursday 12 May 2011

Hasslefree Zombie - Suzi

Sorry for the delay after my last post. This is the tester for what I hope will eventually be a true zombie horde. The horde is intended to feature in a Pulp City game I have planned for later in the year against my main gaming buddy Rob, but since the walking dead will all be non-Pulp City minis, they will be posted here.

This one is from Hasslefree (Kev White), and was nice and simple to paint - just what I needed from my tester. The skin tone was based on Vallejo Green Grey (Model Color 70886 or 101) highlighted with mixed in Basic Skin Tone (MC 70815 or 017), and I think that will be the base tone for most of the horde.

A ton of other zeds have been prepped and based, from a few manufacturers (Studio Miniatures, Crocodile Games, Tengu, and at least one RAFM), so hopefully this horde will grow over time.