Sunday 12 March 2017

Shameless Blog Plug!

As mentioned in my last blog post, I have decided to work up some ideas around skirmish minis games systems which I hope to publish eventually (very likely via Wargames Vault), all under the Kitbash Games brand.

The first project is Supers Unlimited - a supers genre game naturally! This will be followed by Squad Wars (think high-octane, Saturday morning pseudo-military 80's cartoons and action figures), Fantasy Wars (small Parties facing off and unleashing world-shaking abilities) and others.

The approach I am taking is to provide 'sandbox' rules which are fast-flowing and allow players to creatively tailor their characters without massive crunch - building a super in Supers Unlimited is something that can be done in a few minutes even on first reading. Essentially you will be able to grab whatever models you want to play with and quickly make them into a playable Team.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, please head on over to my Kitbash Games blog to learn more (click for link). Once the blog has a few more Followers I will be announcing a competition to win a copy of the only Kitbash mini so far (Doc Cosmos - seen in concept art and mini forms here), so if nothing else feel free to Follow for that reason alone!


  1. That is shameless 😉.
    Just followed your kitbash blog too.
    It's a great start but I definitely want to see more background stories 😊.

    1. Hi Wouter.

      Each Friday Kitbash blog-post will be a 'Preview Friday', featuring for now a character from the Covenant of Justice universe. :)

  2. Despite a VERY limited interest in Supers I did check the blog out.
    Feel free to shamelessly plug other blogs you may find. (Assuming they are active blogs!)

  3. what an interesting idea - will it work against the Pulp City stuff that I think you're very involved in?

    Squad Wars sounds ace, certainly reminds me of a few shows I watched growing up!

    1. Thanks JamieM. :)

      Pulp City will continue and I will still be contributing - this is separate and distinct from that and simply a parallel outlet for my own specific ideas. :)

      Pulp City retains a range of minis and rich background, this will be something different. :)

      As for Squad Wars - I am looking forward to finishing up my first (well technically second...) full draft for that one, then lining up art and pictures to go inside the book. :)

  4. Shameless Blog Plug acknowledged and being followed ;-)

  5. Great work pulpcitizen and as always your mastery of the dark hues never ceases to impress!