Monday 1 July 2013

Quarter 2 Painting Summary

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Like the previous collage this was produced using fotor.

If you read the previous post, then you may recall I am aiming to paint more minis this year than last (target one), and ideally want to hit at least 50 minis (target two).

Well target one is already achieved as of this month. I have now painted 26 minis this year in 6 months, versus 24 in 12 months last year; and that is even with some big minis in the assorted paint-jobs of 2013.

(clockwise from top left)

Luzbell (Anima Tactics)
Green Emperor (Pulp City)
Valis Ul Del Vilfain (Anima Tactics)
Juliette Kaim (Anima Tactics)
Elhaym, Maiden of Light (Anima Tactics)
Odin Goldsmith (Anima Tactics)
Yuki (Anima Tactics)
Grimm Elder (Pulp City)
Azriel (Anima Tactics)
Styx (Anima Tactics)
Janus Faith (Anima Tactics)
Night Fright & Leech (Pulp City)

Wrath of Nature (Anima Tactics)

In point of fact, I also painted an exchange mini, but for this count I am focusing on those minis staying in my own collection!

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