Wednesday 4 December 2013

Batman Miniatures Game Rules Update

Knight Models have issued a free download updated rule book for the Batman Miniatures Game.

The English-language translation this time looks much better, thanks to the involvement of a couple of native speakers no doubt. This is a full update, with new layout and content. With the page count I think I will be waiting until a print version is available, but this is an excellent step forwards by Knight Models I reckon. I suggest heading over to their site and downloading this if you are interested in the game.


  1. Yoink! Downloaded to try out over christmas. Thanks for the heads-up, PC!

  2. Just downloaded it and had a quick flick though it has some very nice artwork. I shall have to have a read through.

  3. As nice surprise, they've put up the stat cards for their latest releases: Clayface, Silk Spectre and a Titan Thug. I thought they'd stopped doing this, but it means that there's more figures that you can use proxies/cheaper alternatives for while you're trying out the game. There's enough downloadable cards to do a good number of factions reasonably.

    This allows you to get playing whilst you remortgage your house in order to buy the official models. :)

    Although they are pretty...