Monday 9 September 2013

Easy Reversible Game Board (2' x 3' approximately)

One game I play (Pulp City) and one I plan to start playing soon (MERCS) both nominally use a 2' by 3' playing area. I have accumulated a few options for play areas for Pulp City already, but I got to thinking about MERCS games and wanting something I could just throw on the kitchen table when needed and slap some terrain on top of.

This board is double sided; brown one side and grey on the other, so I can do urban or wasteland set-ups easily.

The board itself is super-easy: a 60 cm by 90 cm cork notice board. Obviously that is not quite 2' x 3', but close enough for my needs. The painting was done with cheap acrylic paints from discount shops and in all probably cost the equivalent of around £12 to £14 (I had some paint already so a guesstimate is the best I can offer). The board itself was purchased through Amazon, but as prices do vary, it can pay to look around.

Each side probably had around an hour painting time at most, and the advantage of the cork is it provides some texture. I painted it by first splodging paint on and using a roller, adding a lighter colour onto a darker colour and rolling that in. The brown side then had some more colour sponged on (using very cheap household sponges).

Expect to see the boards getting some use soon enough.

Texture/colour close-up
Build time: none!
Painting time: maybe a couple of hours all-in, over around 4 sessions.
Cost: around £12 to £14 for effectively 'two' boards (although only one can be used at a time of course!)


  1. Great idea easy to store as well :D

    1. VERY easy to store (this slots behind a small/low bookcase in my hobby room, therefore taking no additional intrusive space).