Tuesday 10 September 2013

Firedragon Games (1): Low Walls & Sandbagged Bunker

Click for close up
I ordered these from Firedragon Games last week when I was working out the kind of stuff I could use for MERCS games, and after finishing these pieces I have to say I am very happy indeed, and that I feel these are great products.

Pictured for scale are (l-r): 2 x 13th Company Space Marines; Studio Miniatures Zombie; Infinity model; Pulp City Gentleman.

The Low Wall pieces (2 of the same piece) are currently £2 GBP each, and the Sandbagged Bunker is £3.50 GBP. When I ordered these I picked some other prices which I am still painting, and will post when completed.

I think those prices are tremendous value. Yes the wall could be made of foam card, but at the price, and ready assembled, I think it is hard to argue against them.

They were well cast, with only a few bubbles on the Sandbagged Bunker (which I filled with liquid green-stuff). Preperation required was only minimal, a quick scrub with soapy water as well as the liquid GS filling.

I sprayed the sandbag piece with a bone colour; washed with Army painter Soft Tone; dry-brushed Vallejo Buff then Vallejo Pale Sand.

The concrete walls were undercoated black, painted with Vallejo Neutral Grey (with a touch of Field Blue here and there just to make for a slightly uneven base colour); then washed into recesses with Soft Tone; then dry-brushed Vallejo Medium Sea Grey; final dry-brush with Sky Grey; then thinned Soft Tone to mark some extra discolourations.

In all I think these are great. I think they represent excellent value and do the job they need, occupying nice small footprints on a table top (but enough to comfortably fit 2 x 30mm bases), while quick and easy to prepare and paint up.

I plan to use them in MERCS, but they could easily see use in AE-WW II (when I eventually get around to those!), or similar games like Dust Warfare; Pulp City; Force on Force; and of course the venerable old WH40K.


  1. They do look good indeed and certainly seem like value for money. You will fill the table out quite nicely with these.

  2. Cheers mate; I have a couple more and based on these I thoroughly endorse picking up Firedragon resin scenery.