Sunday, 20 July 2014

Quarter 2 2014 Painting Summary

Well, I almost forgot about the Quarter 2 painting summary! Better late than never I say!

It looks like I will be lucky to manage 40 minis this year, which with my coursework workload is 'okay' although I would rather paint more.

May was a poor month, with just one mini painted.

Top row (l to r); click names for links to posts:
Kyler (Anima Tactics)
Lillian Virgil (Anima Tactics)
Tiamat (Anima Tactics)
Aurelius (Pulp City)
Alis Testarossa (Anima Tactics)

Bottom row:
Clayface (Batman Miniatures Game)
Shinobi (Anima Tactics)
Raziel Archetypum (Anima Tactics)
Al-Djinn (Anima Tactics)
Janiel (Anima Tactics)


  1. That's a great set of figures this quarterly format doesn't do the individual figures justice. That is a very nice Clayface.

    1. Thanks Robert.

      They all get individual blog posts, the quarterly summaries are just a useful motivating/milestone prompt for myself more than anything.:)

  2. 40 figures at this quality is nothing to scoff at though mate great work so far!

  3. Quality over quantity and my word they are certainly top quality.