Sunday 20 July 2014

Quarter 2 2014 Painting Summary

Well, I almost forgot about the Quarter 2 painting summary! Better late than never I say!

It looks like I will be lucky to manage 40 minis this year, which with my coursework workload is 'okay' although I would rather paint more.

May was a poor month, with just one mini painted.

Top row (l to r); click names for links to posts:
Kyler (Anima Tactics)
Lillian Virgil (Anima Tactics)
Tiamat (Anima Tactics)
Aurelius (Pulp City)
Alis Testarossa (Anima Tactics)

Bottom row:
Clayface (Batman Miniatures Game)
Shinobi (Anima Tactics)
Raziel Archetypum (Anima Tactics)
Al-Djinn (Anima Tactics)
Janiel (Anima Tactics)


  1. That's a great set of figures this quarterly format doesn't do the individual figures justice. That is a very nice Clayface.

    1. Thanks Robert.

      They all get individual blog posts, the quarterly summaries are just a useful motivating/milestone prompt for myself more than anything.:)

  2. 40 figures at this quality is nothing to scoff at though mate great work so far!

  3. Quality over quantity and my word they are certainly top quality.

  4. Lovely looking minis dude.