Monday, 15 September 2014

Yztá Pyramid

This terrain piece is by Ziterdes, and like most of their products is a pre-painted (and pre-flocked) hard-foam. Unlike Tablescape, the finish for Ziterdes stuff is never as high as I would like. That said, and knowing their products tend to be very basically painted, not as well finished as in the promotional photographs, and often have noticeable air bubbles, I still wanted this piece.

Fantascene had done something similar, although I am not sure what material they used. However that piece went out of production a while ago and I wanted something suggesting Mesoamerican pyramid design for Pulp City and Freebooters Fate games, so the Yztá Pyramid fit the bill.

The footprint is approximately 14 inches by 15 inches and it is between 4 and 5 inches high, so it takes up a decent amount of gaming space. The figures used for scale reference are on 30 mm bases and are from ranges nominally 28-35 mm in scale.

In the UK I think prices are in the £33-£38 range roughly speaking. In terms of recommending this, I do like the design, but I have to caution that the pre-paint won't live up to the images Ziterdes use, and there will likely be an number of air bubbles. If those are things you can overlook and this is the kind of terrain item you are looking for, then I think it is a nice addition, just bear those things in mind if you are thinking of buying.


  1. Replies
    1. That is fair comment Bob. :)

      At the end of the day it will function as a hill in game terms. I wanted something to evoke that Central American pyramid vibe and this did the trick for me, but I accept it isn't cheap. :)

  2. I think it's a great model, despite it's price the affinity of resin for bubbles.
    With a little effort it would be easy enough to make a meso-american style from scratch but if you have the cash then this fits the bill too.

    1. Pretty much my thoughts. I just cannot make enough time to have the full hobby experience I want so terrain gets taken care of with easy fixes, leaving more time for painting and gaming. :)