Wednesday 17 June 2015

Alternative Riddles & Lampposts for BMG

These are some alternative bits I will be using for BMG games.

The Riddles were a necessity as the Knight Models Objectives pack only comes with one Riddle, and with the hard-cover book release they changed it to be a pair which was not too well thought out IMHO.

For these I simply ordered some question mark shaped acrylic markers from Counterattack Bases. I used a very, very fine sanding block to key the surface for spraying, then painted them and done.

I have a couple of packs of the first Lampposts KM did, and I was unimpressed. I packed my first 3 safely into my figure case for the first BMG tournament I attended. Unfortunately the poor design meant a light tap with my finger nail pinged the upper part of one from the main body. Consequently I will be using these going forward which are plastic and from a Tamiya set. they will prove more durable, I have little doubt.


  1. I used the Counter Attack question marks too. Really easy.

    I'm not a fan of KM's lampposts and their needlessly two part design. A sensible decision to replace them.

    1. Yeah; worse still was not that it was simply upper and lower parts separating, but part of the upper piece that snapped under almost no pressure.

  2. These are great and having seen them in person are absolutely marvellous.

    1. Cheers mate; simple and they do the job I hope. :)