Monday 28 August 2017

Ninja Viper (Cobra)

One of the things the G.I. Joe mythos certainly has is a lot of different ninjas! It only makes sense for my G.I. Joe Project to include a few as well. I have more planned and have been scouring the web for ninja models to use.

Ninja Vipers are the elite of the Cobra Viper ranks. Consequently I am treating them as lesser to the Red Ninja Viper in game terms for my gaming using Squad Wars, so formidable in close combat but the least of the ninja types as it were. And the Ninja Viper is certainly outclassed by the likes of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Jinx.

I started the mini a while ago, but as usual got side-tracked. While painting up a squad of other minis (I never enjoy batch painting these days), I decided I need something finished fast and picked up the Ninja Viper again and was able to finish the painting quite quickly. August has been a lean month overall on the painting front, but I hope the work I have done helps me into September's outputs.

G.I. Joe Project - Minis Painted (15)
G.I. Joe: 10*
Cobra: 5**
Arashikage: 3*
Iron Grenadiers: 1**
Oktober Guard: 0
Red Shadows: 0


  1. Looks fabulous mate love the colour scheme :)

    1. Cheers mate. :)

      The colour was definitely inspired by the action figures. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks very much Micheal - I am pleased with how he turned out. :)

  3. I know I keep saying this, but you keep on doing it... one of your best! Love the contrast of the blue and white, and what a corking pose too!! :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxkleric. :)

      The colours were selected from the action figures so cannot take the credit there. :)

  4. Excellent. Where is this ninja from?

    Don't say Japan!

    1. Thanks very much Kieron. :)

      The Ninja is from the ranks of the ubiquitous Cobra Vipers. ;)

  5. Yep, you can never have enough ninjas :) Nice work as always.