Tuesday 25 October 2011

Zombie Horde

Click to embiggen.

Okay, the last post for a little while, this is the beginnings of my horde. I hope the picture demonstrates my aim that in painting groups of walking dead, those Zombies should hopefully still be able to form up as a varied horde.

I hope to add to this soon and already have more minis in various stages of painting (as is always the case with my minis collection!).


  1. Yup, nice cohesive group. Like your style. My blogging has dried up recently due to a sinus infection and a flamin abcess.....reading blogs like this has kept me entertained whilst i CANT PAINT. Keep it coming please.

  2. Cheers jp. I need to get on with some more painting. Work and some gaming writing/development has got in the way somewhat. :)