Tuesday 18 October 2011

Big/Boss Zombie (2)

Another Big or Boss type Zombie, this time one of two from Fenris Games (hello Jo and Ian!). Fenris have a great offering of minis, bases and scenic pieces as well as taking on custom work, so suffice to say I have picked up a number of things from them. Just wish they would get their non-ebay web-store sorted!

As ever, please embiggenificate by clicking the images.

I enjoyed painting this one, and even if it may be inspired by some game or other (possibly; I don't play many video games so cannot comment), I just viewed it as an opportunity to represent a character-type or focus Zombie. The other one is multi-part with slightly awkward join surfaces, meaning it has fallen down the pecking order.

Still some more Zombies yet to be shown, and I have others in the pain queue so please stay tuned.

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