Sunday 14 October 2012

Zomtober Zombies (Week 2)

Okay two more done, not brilliant by any means, but done. I consider these to be my Week 2 and Bonus Zombies, meaning I just need to complete a minimum of one per week for the next two weeks to stay on track.

The Zombie on the right is Hasslefree (sculpted by Matt Lord rather tan Kev White); I am clueless as to the origin of the other one.

I think I now the problems I had with these, and I think it relates to by current 'black' technique and the drapery on these minis. I was not overly impressed with the way the drapery has been sculpted, and consequently I struggled with painting it, it probably does not suit the technique I tried. They should be fine amid the horde however, so no great problem. Bases are the usual Fenris.

The bottom picture shows these Zeds with the first one as a group of three. Most of my Zombies have been painted in groups of three so far, each tied together by a colour theme.


  1. Great zeds, black looks good to me. I have made no progress my zeds haven't arrived so the hope is they will arrive tomorrow and I can get started and catch up.

    1. Cheers mate, very kind. Hope yours arrive soon!

      I started work on one of those that was in my 'extra five'pool today, and got main base colours blocked out, some dry-brushing and some washes on one of those colours, so the next one will look quite different to the products of the first two weeks, plus it i a big boss type on a 40mm base.

  2. Looking good so far. I am just wrapping up my second entry right now, and will have him posted tomorrow.

  3. Love it- they look like Zombie Pulp Fiction to me!

  4. Cheers guys!

    I managed to to a good chunk on my next entry at the start of the week so that is pleasing. :)

  5. How did I miss this post?
    Great job dude! I really like the one on the left.