Sunday 7 October 2012

Zomtober Zombie (Week 1)

Phew, just made it!

Readers may recall that Rob threw down a challenge to paint five Zombies this month (which we renamed Zomtober in deference to the undertaking), and today I have been busily working on three, of which this is the first completed. the others are not quite done, but they get me 'ahead' as it were for next week and maybe the week after.

This Zombie is from Studio Miniatures. My painting is certainly a bit rusty since I have been so out of practice, but at least I hit the first deadline. The base is Fenris Games which I tend to use for most of my Zeds.

Rob has already completed two Zeds, but he paints faster than me so that is to be expected.

Onwards then with Zomtober, and if you want to join in please comment and label your own blog posts/threads Zomtober and I will give you a plug on the Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer.


  1. Looking good mate. I'm hoping my Zed order arrives tomorrow or Tuesday so I can catch up for next week :D

    1. Cheers mate. Looking forwards to seeing the rest of you Zomtober stuff after the Survivor. :)

  2. Good figures and I wish my painting was that rusty.