Sunday 20 October 2013

Over on Anima Tactician - An Undead Appears....

Click picture for link
I should have my next Zomtober mini finished later, but in the mean-time, there is this Undead I have posted to the Anima Tactician.

More images and discussion if you follow the link.

My Zomtober motivation has spilled over into other things which is cool.


  1. I love this guy- I thought he was your Zomtober entry- he certainly could be a cool boss level zombie- nice work on his face.

    1. Cheers mate; the actual Zomtober entry is later, so here has been no slacking on painting zeds (by my own slow standards that is!).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Robert; a happy spillover from my Zomtober enthusiasm. :)

      Plus, trying to draw a little attention to my Anima Tactics stuff as well. :)