Tuesday 2 December 2014

Meridian Miniatures Webstore Opens

I just wanted to draw attention to this, the launch of Meridian Miniatures new web-store (click for link), as I have backed two of Meridian Miniature's Kickstarter campaigns. It looks like Meridian will initially have 3 ranges:

Steam & Aether: 'Steampunk armies in post-apocalyptic Europe' - now available.

Tooth & Sword: 'Anthropomorphic adventurers of the Chibi kind' - coming early next year.

Terramortis: 'Grim battles in our darkest future' - coming soon.

I am really looking forward to painting my KS Tooth & Sword minis sometime soon, and just wanted to flag up the launch of the Meridian Miniatures store.


  1. Terramortis sounds interesting. Some of his Steam and Aether I may pick up for Empire of the Dead.

  2. Big fan of Andy May's minis and all his Kickstarters. Glad to see his site is up and running. Not heard of terramortis before... hopefully a new KS?

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if Terramortis goes the KS route, but I guess it depends on what Mr. May has in mind for it. :)