Monday 5 March 2018

Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game (Kickstarter)

Still struggling on the painting front, but in the mean-time I wanted to draw attention to a cool little Kickstarter I am backing: Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game

This one has super-heroes. I love super-heroes in case no one noticed! It is also done in a chibi style, and I like that a lot too! Finally it is a board game, and I really like those!

There are a couple of super-hero board game Kickstarters live right now, and one is a dollar drawing juggernaut called Batman, while Alphas is something much more indy and markedly different to that (yes, I am backing both!). Alphas is funded and has 10 days to go, and if there is anyone else out there who likes super-heroes, board games and the chibi style I just wanted to flag it up!


  1. Ooo! very, very interesting!
    warm regards

  2. The game looks interesting but I have no idea why they decided to give the figures such weird proportions.

  3. I can see the appeal Leon, and I can't wait to see some of these guys when they've been under your brush :-)

  4. Huge potential painting-wise. Imagine the types of color schemes you can think up. Flag this one as one to watch once you receive and paint them!