Thursday 13 July 2017

Timber (G.I. Joe)

Timber is Snake Eyes' wolf companion, and not a mini I envisaged doing at the outset of my G.I. Joe Project. Painting got underway on the project in the last few weeks and it was then that Brummie mentioned he was doing one, so with that in mind I cobbled some rules ideas together, and that is how plans quickly change!

It may seem a bit bizarre, but a number of Joes and Cobra operatives had animal companions; therefore, excluding them wouldn't have been right. Brummie and I have been talking about ideas of how we can include a few more of the characters who had animal companions.

The mini was given to me by Brummie, but I have no idea where it is from. The painting was pretty easy, although I had to touch up the fur on one side to even out the patterning better. I tried to give a nice look representative of the various toys to the fur colouring, and even researched timber wolves' eyes colours for reference!

G.I. Joe Minis Painted (9)
G.I. Joe team: 7*
Cobra: 2**
Arashikage: 3*
Iron Grenadiers: 1**
Oktober Guard: 0

As I mentioned, I have prepped rules for personal use, to be able to use Timber in games of Squad Wars alongside Snake Eyes of course (either in a G.I. Joe team or an Arashikage Force).


  1. Looks fantastic mate. You did a stunning job. I believe it is from an OOP Leading Edge Dracula set.

    1. Cheers mate. :)

      I couldn't remember the source for the life of me. :)

  2. The fur looks very realistic, nicely done!

  3. Love the fur ... some good contrasts to make it more realistic.

    1. Thanks FourEyedMonster. :)

      For a quick paint job I am pretty happy how he turned out. :)

  4. Superb, you have nailed the fur.

  5. Researching timber wolves eye colors.. Talk about going the extra mile!