Wednesday 27 March 2019

Hordak (Spirit Form)

While scanning various bit of canon and background information on Masters of the Universe, I came across a Hordak action figure (which you can see below the painted mini pics) representing him in spirit form when he corrupts Keldor to eventually become Skeletor. This is before Hordak consolidates his power on Etheria or invades Eternia, having been banished from Eternia long in the past.

Now before you have doubts, I promise I don't collect action figures these days - I am a proper grown up who plays with toy soldiers! Pew-pew!

I managed to snag a couple of different interpretations of Hordak from private commissions, and was able to get more than one copy of this one. When I found out about the Hordak in spirit form, my mental cog (just the one!) slowly started turning, and found a use for the extra copy of the mini.

The painting for this Hordak was a process I don't normally use - essentially mostly glazes and washes. I looked up some processes used by other hobbyists for painting their LotR Army of the Dead minis.

The mini was undercoated with my usual grey primer, with additional priming in white from directly overhead. I then used 4 or 5 various red washes, choosing different shades for different areas of the mini, as well as a little Ogryn Flesh and some Tamiya Clear Red. There was some regular painting involved, but mostly the mini was coloured with washes and glazes. The overall effect is certainly a little more pink overall than I envisaged or wanted when I thought about using washes/glazes, but nonetheless I think I am generally happy with how it turned out. I am not sure what i would really do differently and won't likely be revisiting it now.

In building rules to represent this form of Hordak, I found it took a few attempts to get right what should essentially be a 'spirit adviser' Consequently, in this form Hordak is counted as an Evil Warrior instead of a member of the Evil Horde since he is manipulating Skeletor to free him from the dimension of Despondos.