Wednesday 8 July 2015

Mule Goon (Black Mask Henchman)

Another Black Mask Henchman done, and this is the first that is intended to refresh the crew. To fit in Mule Goon and Arkham Scarecrow  I will be dropping the Riddler and Goon 2 for the same overall Reputation cost.

With Will 5, Endurance 7, Sturdy and Veteran, Mule Goon should prove pretty durable, although I suspect maybe not as tough as Anatoly since he lacks any kind of armour. His very decent Endurance means he has a 58% chance per Round of recovering from KO; by contrasts an Endurance 5 model has 28% chance, while Endurance 4 has 17% chance. Basically Mule Goon has a very good chance of recovery and thus getting back in the game if not removed as a casualty (see bottom of post for a probability breakdown).

Durability is one thing, and the chance to do 4 Attacks with a 2 Stun weapon is how Mule Goon threatens. Again, better than the 1 Stun per model output from some cheaper models like Goon 2.

As for the model, as it shares a lower half with Anatoly, again the main hassle was hacking off the lump of metal Knight Models used to make the minis' overhanging feet fit to a 30 mm base. The painting progressed pretty quickly by my standards, which was nice, as it gives me a good start for the month, and I am pretty pleased with how he turned out. I declined trying any tattoo work as I could not imagine a good outcome of me trying that at this time. As usual, the mini is based on a Dragon Forge 'Fraktured' style base as are all my BMG/DC minis from Knight.

The refreshed crew just needs Mesh adding to it, and then it will be as I want it for the time being. I wish I could take Hush, but alas he is limited to only a few crews.

BMG Painting Summary
BMG characters owned: 125 (added: nothing more since the haul noted in the Scarecrow post...)
Percentage of owned characters painted: 16.0% (20 models)

KO Recovery
         End 4 End 5 End 6 End 7 End 8 End 9 End 10 End 11
1 Round 16.7% 27.8% 41.7% 58.3% 72.2% 83.3% 91.7% 97.2%
2 Rounds 30.6% 47.8% 66.0% 82.6% 92.3% 97.2% 99.3% 99.9%
3 Rounds 42.1% 62.3% 80.2% 92.8% 97.9% 99.5% 99.9% 100.0%


  1. What a brute, I love those brass knuckles!

    1. Cheers Michael. :)

      The brass knuckles came out a little yellow, so I think they need a little extra work. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Kieron. :)

      Nice to have a few more options for the crew. :)

  3. Very nicely done mate. The Flesh looks ace! looking forward to facing him soon :)

    1. Cheers mate; hopefully he can make into a game very soon!